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"A quality foundation can triple the life of your bridge..."

A quality bridge project is only as good as its foundation, or abutment. We are happy to consult with you on construction, engineering, and installation of the appropriate abutment for your jobsite. Your principal choices are Steel Pile, Modular Blocks, or Concrete Foundation. The surrounding road approach, footing, soil, or riverbed will affect your choice. We are happy to install on pre-existing abutments but will need to survey prior to scheduling installation. New foundations will add time to the overall installation schedule.



The following is a description of the various abutments available:

Steel Pile (pictured above)
The cheapest and fastest abutment solution, Steel Pile only has one drawback. The soil must be soft for a piledriver to work. A Piledriver inserts I-beams down into the earth, giving the bridge a solid footing. Unfortunately, if the soil makeup is primarily rock, this methodology is impossible.

Modular Blocks
This new technology utilizes custom 2000 pound cement blocks that interlock, giving you an attractive, durable abutment. These same blocks are used very reliably for retaining walls. There are a variety of options available and can be customized to your particular need.

Concrete Foundation

While a good choice, you can expect greater prices, and longer installation times. A form is created, re-bar adds strength, and cement is poured. Expect 2 weeks cure time, and you are ready to install!

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