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Marine Construction and Pile Driving

There are special challenges with marine construction & pile driving. We provide solutions to these challenges on a day-to-day basis with services such as:

Marina Construction

Sheet Pile Driving

Vibrating Hammer

Diesel Hammer Pile Driver

Konocti Marina Casino and Hotel - Jan. 2006-Dec. 2007

Konocti Marina Casino and Hotel was a complex project by the swampy water's edge of Clear Lake. It involved dredging the weeds from a large area, pumping out acres of mud, driving support piers (for the hotel to be built on so it wouldn't sink out of sight!), a sheet pile wall (with under-the-ground tiebacks and a whaler for support), a sheet pile coffer dam (to keep the water out while pouring the concrete boat launching ramp - was removed after the ramp cured), driving steel piles (from a barge with the crane on it), plus construction and assembly of the docks and walking ramps.


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