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What follows is a walk through of our process…

a. The site is reviewed to determine the readiness of footing or abutment.
  b. If necessary, an abutment is pile driven (1 day of work and you are ready to install!) or cement is poured (cure time is roughly 2 weeks).


c. The crew, using a loader, excavator, crane or other equipment, off loads the Daniel Bridge.
  d. Beams are placed & secured on abutment.

e. Modules are slid in place between beams.

  g. Bolts are tightened and checked.
h. Handrails, or other options, are attached.
  i. Deck seams are sealed.

j. The grade, or road approach, is completed.
k. The finished bridge is both attractive
and functional with a H-35 rating.


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